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Have you heard of MT-2 (Melanotan) aka Tanners/ nasal tanners / tan jabs? Maybe you have, maybe not; let us fill you in with info on these little gems.

MT-2 nasal spray tanners aka Melanotan 2 or more recently the nasal tanner is a peptide that acts upon your body’s production level of melanin essentially ramping up your own levels of the skin protecting compound giving you a golden color as well as giving you higher protection from burning and the negative effects of UV from the sun.

Let’s face it, no one likes to look pale and washed out but no matter how much exposure to sun or sunbeds some people get their tan does not develop to the desired color and they risk overexposure to UV, obviously this is not ideal for the person tanning and in fact can lead to serious problems. Never fear though, the answer could be just around the corner!!

Some of our MT-2 Melanotan Products

How does MT2 Melanotan work?

The peptide Melanotan 2 works by replicating the human function of making melanocortin. Melanocortin is involved in changing the amount sun-protecting pigment in the skin as well as other functions including sexual stimulation, immune system, and cortisol response.
In short, MT-2 nasal spray will supercharge your ability to handle UV exposure with the added benefits that come from increased melanocortin levels. As you can see this is a natural process that happens in the body you are essentially ramping up the amount of UV you can handle to tan.

Whats in MT2 for you?

Lets face it, less exposure to UV rays to get the colour you want when tanning is always a bonus, less exposure equals less risk.

For those of you who are fair skinned and often troubled on holiday with burning at the smallest amount of UV this is a game changer!

MT2 Melanotan also massively increases the ability to protect against the sun leaving you a beautiful colour rather than red and sore.

Lets face it no one wants to spend there time nursing burns when enjoying you holiday.

Last but not least is the fact your tan when using nasal tanners, MT-2 injections or tanning drops will last much much longer without the need for more exposure, what more could you ask for!

MT-2 Jabs, nasal tanners or droppers whats the best?

MT-2 Injections

First of all we are not here to tell any porkies to fit any agenda like we see on many other websites. We just want to give you all the facts before deciding on what to go with for your own reasons.

First off we have MT-2 injections; these are by far the best bang for your buck. MT-2 Melanotan injections have no bioavailability loss like nasal tanners and tanning drops. This makes them not only effective cost wise but also in tanning results.

With that in mind there is two sides to every tanning coin. MT-2 jabs have the highest chance of adverse side effects such as nausea and hot flushes in new users. Some users of MT2 have found this too be too much for them and opted for nasal tanners or droppers instead. So in short if you are experienced with MT-2 and not scared to inject these are the one for you.

How to inject found here

Nasal tanners.

If you have read the above this next bit should be quite self explanatory.
Nasal tanners are ideal if you don’t like needles and you want to minimise the side effects. The reason the side effects are less is simple! Nasal tanners only have a maximum bioavailability of 60% and that is maximum sometimes this is as low as 40%. You will need to use sometimes 3x more than tanning injections to achieve the same result.

You know what they say “different folks, different strokes”. Nasal tanners are absorbed intranasal not subcutaneous. This is what reduces the bioavailability significantly in regards to peptide delivered for tanning

Tanning drops

Very similar to the nasal sprays the drops have a lower bioavailability (40-60%). This means you will need more to achieve the same result as tanning MT-2 injections. However if you do not like injections or spraying intranasal these are the perfect solution. The solution is taken sublingually under the tongue and left to absorb, this method has proven to be very popular as of late.

Worth Noting

MT-2 nasal spray is a delicate peptide and starts to degrade once mixed with water. This can be prolonged by keeping refrigerated, for this reason if you are planning on storing your MT-2 for a while before using always buy unmixed. As for our premixed items these are made to order guaranteeing freshness upon arrival. If you need any more info feel free to contact us!


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